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The Ivory Clad Towers - Live

A live video taken at The Great Gig Together of The Ivory Clad Towers. Remember, you can find background on this poem as well as the text version on the previous blogs. Enjoy!

The Ivory Clad Towers

Look up At the ivory clad towers See the serpents, wound around the necks of rats Whispering in the ears of cameras Hear the chortles of attempted mockery dripping down Sprinkles of sugar glass Missing us by miles Disperse the colours of political spectrums Look left look right with empathy The ones chewed up, spat out by failure, outcast like lepers The ones soaked in the sweat of a crisis The ones abandoned, discarded like fast food wrappers The ones fleeing atrocities we can’t start to believe The ones who carry the anger of Grenfell The ones stained with the blood of Orgreave The ones who wear the resilience of Batley, Manchester, London Agitate the notions Of communities Separated by

Some Background on The Ivory Clad Towers

A little background on the poem I'll be unveiling later on. A couple of years ago I got involved with We Shall Overcome - Dewsbury (which is lovingly put together by Mark Martin and Julian Marc Manley) We found our selves bonding over music, politics and the belief in society, parting ways that night looking forward to the following year. On 16th June 2016, Jo Cox (MP for Batley and Spen) was murdered outside Birstall Library. It was a shock to the entire country, myself and Mark. I soon found out that Mark had met Jo numerous times and knew her hard work and dedication first hand. That years We Shall Overcome was emotional to say the least, there was a sense of loss but a sense of hope as w

How I learned To Divide, The Long Way Around

It's Monday evening, and it's been a wonderful and rich weekend at Long Division. The first thing I need to say is thank you! To all the poets on the spoken word stage, to Richard Wheater at Neon Workshops, to Dean and the entire at Long Division for all their support and commissioning the stage and finally to all the audience and attendees of Long Division. And now lets break things down, strap in because this might get long. Thursday Night - Poems Around The Piano Props to Ric Neale for curating this night at Jolly Boys in Wakefield. Myself, Sharena, Rob and Ric managed to capture pure lightening on the night as we flowed from poem to poem and music to music. The atmosphere was absolutely

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