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It's Going To Be A Long Week

and please don't take that title as a negative, We are officially in Long Division Week, so what better time to do a quick round up of what's going off? Let's start with the performance video that was shot in partnership between Long Division, Wakefield Arts Partnership and Skysail Studios. It's an exclusive video of I Saw, I See that was shot on location at the National Coal Mining Museum (if you've never been, get there! it's their 30th birthday this year) and you can find it in the link here: Thursday will see me around a piano with Ric Neale, Rob

Slam, Salford And The Sea

That was the week that was. A busy one, a mentally healthy one, a joyous one. Saturday 12th was The Northern Slamhouse as part of the debut weekend for Words In The City (Leeds edition). Now cards on the table, I'm always a tad apprehensive when it comes to poetry slams. Not for the format, more because I feel a bulk of my writing isn't 'slam' material. However, I do tip my hat to those that absolutely smash it out of the park at poetry slams and hey, I might develop something more slam-y over the summer. From there it was over to Salford for Evidently. What a pleasure it was, to be in the home of punk poetry. The Eagle Inn is a cracking venue (it has a freakin' balcony!). The audience were

Don't Just Dance

It's only three weekends away from Long Division, it's been an amazing experience working with the festival so far! We did a little video the other day, a brand new poem 'Don't Just Dance'

Strength In Division

We're roughly a month away from Long Division 2018. A month. In the time I can safely say it's been the most brilliant and stressful time organising a group/hoard/ramble/collection of amazing poets for the spoken word stage. Again, I can't thank Long Division enough for the opportunity and experience of this commission. However I want to take a few moments of your time to introduce the poets who'll be taking to the stage at Neon Workshops and a give a little taste of their work. (In no particular order) Rose Condo Rose is a Canadian born but Huddersfield living poet who runs the brilliant Queenies Coffe House Nights in Huddersfield. Her poetry around Women's Rights and Issues are just phen

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