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My Friends, The Fighters

Last week saw performances in Garforth (for Life Experience, a charity run by a good friend of mine Phil Pearce) and Bolton (for the Wigan Diggers Festival Warm-up, organised by Jeff Dawson) Both of these people and events mean a lot to me. I'm fortunate to stand alongside such hard-working people, who want to help change the world in whatever way they can. It's inspiring and it's an honour to be asked to perform and raise awareness of their causes. July has been a quiet month, August has a couple of things lined up...

Wakefield United!!

Saturday was one of the most heart-warming events I've ever been involved with. My heart absolutely swelled with joy the moment I stepped into the peace rally and it continued as the numbers grew and grew. Shortly before I went on, the rumour started going around that the numbers at the National Front rally were around 13. Yes 13. This was confirmed shortly afterwards as a cheer filled the rally, with the added news the NF were NOT going to march on our streets. I'm so incredibly proud that Wakefield turned out in the HUNDREDS yet again to stand up and say division was not welcome here! I've been informed that there are videos and pictures from Saturday on Facebook, just search for Stand Up

Wakefield Standing United

As many of you know, I'm strongly against racism, facism, homophobia and any other form of discrimination and hate speech. This coming Saturday (7/7) will see the National Front (Yup, they're still a thing) marching through the streets of my proudly multi-cultural city. To them, we are saying no, do not expect to come here with open arms waiting. Instead, you can expect to see us standing united against everything that the NF stand for. There will be music, poetry (from myself and some of  the Truth Be Told family), speakers and a HELL of a lot of noise. In 2018, we are unfortunately seeing a slow, attempted rise in far-right politics and ideas, preying on those that are lost and looking for

Wakefield, UK

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