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Sabrina Benaim - The Wardrobe, Leeds

It's a surprisingly sunny morning (well until the trilogy of beasts from the east allegedly concludes this weekend) and I'm sat with Depression & Other Magic Tricks in my lap. Last night, was just, surreal/life changing/something different. The Wardrobe is beautiful venue but the crowd was even more so. I'm eternally grateful for everyone that listened to, laughed along to and agreed with the poems in the set and for those that came to say hi afterwards. You probably don't need me to tell you this, but Sabrina is one of the most genuine and invested poets I've ever seen and worked with. She spoke to and listened to every one of her fans that had THEIR story of how her work had changed their


Tomorrow night I have the unbelievable privilege to be be supporting Sabrina Benaim at the Leeds stop (The Wardrobe Leeds) on her UK tour! More details in the link here

Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober - Wakefield Launch

Hot off the heels of the Lincoln launch, ill be bringing 'Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober' home to Wakefield! Featuring support from Geneviève Walsh (who also wrote the forward for the book), Steven B Williams and Rob Reed. more details here

Stop! Wait A Minute Mr UPS Man, Waaaaaaait Mr UPS Man

This afternoon a rather splendid package arrived. A package containing the first shipment of Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober. They're here, They're a thing, They're really real. "Where can I lay my hands on a copy as soon as possible?!" I hear you cry? The launch night is set for April 13th in Lincoln at Plastic Brain Press Presents: Crash Course In Brain Surgery  (details over on the Upcoming Appearances page) but that's just the start, I'll be having a launch party in Wakefield on April 17th with support from Geneviève l. Walsh (who has also written a heart warming forward in the collection), Steve Williams  (an intricate weaver of poetry and author of Heartsnare) and Rob Reed (a man cap

Huddersfield Lit Fest 2018

That's a wrap! What a fantastic start to the festival season! Last week it was an absolute privilege to bring a writing and performance workshop to the opening weekend of the festival. The group I taught were oozing with talent across both platforms and I'm genuinely hopeful for their futures in poetry. Fast forward to last night and the 10x10 cabaret. Well technically, 5x15 due to mini Beast From The East. Still it was an honour to have shared the stage with some amazing voices and thank you to everyone that braved the storm! Finally, thank you to the directors of the festival. Their professionalism throughout has been second to none! here's to next year!!

Poets In Poll Booths Poems

Just dropping by with a quick update from last week. Click the link below for the poems written from the Poets In Poll Booths session at International Women's Day: Poets In Poll Booths P.s. There'll be a longer post after this weekend reflecting on this year's Huddersfield Lit Fest

Poets In Poll Booths  (or how I spent International Women's Day 2018)

After an unexpected, mild inconvenience at the start of the day (unexpected snow much?) I made it fashionably late to Wakefield One to sit along side Gen Walsh and Valerie Anderson Gaskil as one of the above mentioned Poets In Poll Booths. It was beyond humbling and an honour to have been able to write poetry to so many powerful stories and memories given to us by the public. It was even more humbling and an honour to see the work that the Forgotten Women Of Wakefield project unveiled today. Their hard work has massively paid off and I'm so proud of each member and excited to see where Sarah takes things from here. What more can I say about this experience today? I suppose just what I said t

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