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How I learned To Divide, The Long Way Around

It's Monday evening, and it's been a wonderful and rich weekend at Long Division.

The first thing I need to say is thank you! To all the poets on the spoken word stage, to Richard Wheater at Neon Workshops, to Dean and the entire at Long Division for all their support and commissioning the stage and finally to all the audience and attendees of Long Division.

And now lets break things down, strap in because this might get long.

Thursday Night - Poems Around The Piano

Props to Ric Neale for curating this night at Jolly Boys in Wakefield. Myself, Sharena, Rob and Ric managed to capture pure lightening on the night as we flowed from poem to poem and music to music. The atmosphere was absolutely electric throughout the night and I know in my heart that it won't be a one off!

Friday Night - Laura Snapes & Billy Bragg In Coversation

An inspiring night, hearing from two people who never gave up on their dreams and determination throughout their careers. I'm glad to say that I walked away inspired and found a few older creative flames re-ignited. Also, this happened:

Yup, that's Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober in the hands of Billy Bragg (he's an absolutely sound bloke for the record)

Saturday - Long Division Festival

The day came around finally. As I said at the start all I can do is express my deepest thanks and gratitude to Richard Wheater for giving us a home at Neon Workshops, all the poets and the team at Long Division. I am so incredibly proud of the level of performance from each and every poet (if you want to get a taste of them. look back to my previous blog Strength In Revision) and I encourage you to seek out wherever they turn up next! The atmosphere throughout the day was just pure love.

Oh yeah, Myself and Gen ended up back on BBC Leeds later that night. You can listen in here:

Overall, this week has been amazing for the city of Wakefield. I am so damn proud to be part of this city and I know that this is just the start of something new....

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