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Chaos In Theory And Practice

2020 was a mixed bag wasn't it?

Right, now that I have the obligatory sentence out of the way let's start with the news bits that you might have missed over the last couple of months (well actually, the bits I forgot to blog).

Cast you minds back to October and there was a lot of uproar around the Government not supporting vulnerable children with free school meals over the winter break. I put together an exclusive online performance to support local food banks and businesses that were supporting the local community. I have left the show up on my Youtube but I this will be disappearing at the end of January. You can find it at the link here.

October also brought some amazing interview opportunities for The Poet From The Black Lagoon. I sat down with Yelling At Concrete to discuss the macabre and the story behind TPFTBL. Then it was on to Sacred Tension to discuss Halloween, horror movies and of course TPFTBL. Finally (at this is cheating because it was December) I was part of the artist spotlight episode of Black Mass Appeal.

Following on from there, I was approached by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to support their yearly campaign on Sophie's birthday. Her Name Is was written from my experience of following the attack of Sophie and Robert which subsequently lead to Sophie's death. The campaign that is run is extremely close to my heart and I will always support them in any way I can. You can watch the commission here.

Finally December brought inspiration and I released a new poem, Sol Invictus Incarnate. The poem is one of reflection and celebration in these dark winter nights. As always you can find the video on my Youtube here.

I want to extend a massive and sincere thank you to every person who has supported my work this year. Whether it's been a share of a video, a follow on social media or purchasing my new collection The Poet From The Black Lagoon from Plastic Brain Press. On that note as well, a huge love to my family at Plastic Brain Press and their support in bringing The Poet From The Black Lagoon to life this year. Richard and Mel are two amazing artists in their own rights and I highly encourage you to check out their work as well as all the other PBP Acolytes!

What's on the cards for 2021? At a prediction level, I can't see live performance returning for at least another six months. The pandemic is still on going but by understanding the science and protecting each other, we can get there and eat this thing. However to be optimistic, I have a few ideas for projects that are rattling around the old head space. I think I have an idea how these will manifest but it's early days for the moment.

Remember you can stay up to date with me on Twitter and Instagram and I sincerely hope that we can all see each other again in the flesh in 2021.

Stay safe, look after each and Hail Yourselves!


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