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Some Background on The Ivory Clad Towers

A little background on the poem I'll be unveiling later on. A couple of years ago I got involved with We Shall Overcome - Dewsbury (which is lovingly put together by Mark Martin and Julian Marc Manley) We found our selves bonding over music, politics and the belief in society, parting ways that night looking forward to the following year.

On 16th June 2016, Jo Cox (MP for Batley and Spen) was murdered outside Birstall Library. It was a shock to the entire country, myself and Mark. I soon found out that Mark had met Jo numerous times and knew her hard work and dedication first hand.

That years We Shall Overcome was emotional to say the least, there was a sense of loss but a sense of hope as well. There was talk of doing something the following June around The Great Get Together that was set up by More In Common and The Jo Cox Foundation.

A year on from Jo's murder, The Great Gig Together was held in Dewsbury to an absolute electric night of celebration, togetherness and some banging music. It was an honour to compere the night, again parting ways looking forward to that October for We Shall Overcome.

With this years Great Gig Together fast approaching, Mark approached me to ask for a poem for this years Great Gig Together, which has resulted in The Ivory Clad Towers. It's been an honour to have worked on a commission for a cause I believe strongly in and extremely proud to support.

The poem will be going live within the hour.

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