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Emerging from the darkest depths of West Yorkshire, England. Award-winning poet, Simon Widdop writes and performs poetry that blends a hectic mix of keen eyed macabre, a dash of dark humour and a warm sense of pride of his Northern roots.

His most recent collection The Poet From The Black Lagoon, was unleashed on the world in October 2020. A love letter to Horror and Heavy Metal with artwork from Melody Clark. It features odes to the mysteries of death, musings of the macabre and reflections on being the outsider.


His debut one man show Stained, won the Hive Award at Greater Manchester Fringe in 2019. Stained tells the story of tattoo artist Johnny Deighton and his journey in opening his studio, Low Voltage. The show deals with the subjects of tattoo & body modification culture, mental health, abuse and consent. 

Simon's debut poetry collection Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober was released in April 2018 by Plastic Brain Press. In addition, he also has been published in print in the New River Press Yearbook 2017/18, Paper And Ink Zine, Glove Zine, We Shall Overcome: The Anthology and Nymphs & Thugs Soapbox as well as online at DryLandLit Press, Estorica Magazine and Wildsound Festival (USA).

Over the years, he has performed across the nation at nationally recognised poetry events and festivals, was a Leeds Leider poet in 2018, supported Sabrina Benaim on her UK Tour in 2018 and was commissioned to curate the spoken word stage at Long Division Festival the same year. In addition he has opened for several bands including The Tuts and Joe Solo. 

Praise for Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober:

Widdop’s debut collection, Drunk Text is a pop-punk smorgasbord that seeks to put the world to rights - LeftLion Magazine


It is a collection to revisit when you need warmth. It is a collection to hold when you need strength. It is, above all else, truthful. I cannot recommend it enough. - Steven B Williams

Direct...Doesn't piss around, it gets straight to the point - Reading In Bed podcast


Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober


I'm Sure I've Seen His Name Before


The Ivory Towers - Commission for The Great Gig Together 2018

Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober - Debut poetry collection released on Plastic Brain Press

Gimmie Gimmie - Leeds Lieder Festival 2018


Vows & When The Revolution Comes - New River Press Yearbook 2017/18

Austerity In The Time Of Love - We Shall Overcome: The Anthology

Modern Relics - Glove Zine Issue 3

Black Band Tee - Paper And Ink Zine Issue 11

By The Glass Case & Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober - Art Isn't Sexy presents Esoterica Zine February 2017


He'll Make America Great Again - DryLandLit (Online)

By The Glass Case - Nymphs & Thugs Presents: Soap Box Issue 1


Once Upon A Time - Commission for Warm Up Wakefield 

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