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Two New Nights

As you might have seen over the past couple of weeks (and tonight) I've been fortunate enough to launch two new poetry open mic events in Wakefield and Ossett. I'm extremely proud of both of these places (Ossett born & raised and spend most of my time in Wakefield) and it feels like the right time to start something new. Details for Word Exchange and Wellgate Words can be found in the Upcoming Appearances section with links to Facebook as well. Please do take a moment to have a look, even pass the details on to a friend if it's their cup of tea.

The Future Is...Brain??

The Brain has begun spreading it's spores... Plastic Futures is a brand spankin' literary zine from Plastic Brain Press and it's an honour to be in the first issue! (two poems and and interview the the Brain itself) I have an understanding with the Brain the public will be able to grab it on Feb 9th at Crash Course In Brain Surgery (that the phenomenal Gemma Baker is guesting at)

What January Blues?

First things first, The powerful and passionate voices that are tucked away in Wakefield are absolutely ready to burst this year! The group I had the pleasure of on Sunday's workshop were beyond outstanding and I'm excited to see where their journeys go. Monday night (well last night at the time of writing this blog) was a fantastic first guest spot of this year. Queenie's Coffee House Nights are lovingly curated and hosted by Rose Condo and I can't recommend the events enough! Where do we go from here? You'll see soon...

Let's Start To End January Right

It might appear that I've been on the quite side in terms of personal news through the start of January. Please trust me when I say that there is some truly amazing news that will be coming out over the next few weeks that I can't wait to share with each and every one of you! Until then, what's coming up immediately I hear you ask? Well... Sunday sees my first workshop of 2018 taking place at Dream Time Creative Studios in Wakefield with a fantastic range of voices from near and far. Then... Monday then sees me hopping over to Huddersfield to do a set at the first Queenie's Coffee House Night of the year. I'll be sharing the stage with the Hull maverick Jim Higo and an outstanding open mi

Hear Me! - Update

A very quick update on the Hear Me! writing and performance workshop, it's officially booked up! If you wish to book a reserve place then please don't hesitate to contact myself over at

Feature On Dazed!

At the end of 2017 I was published in the New River Press Yearbook 2017/18. Yesterday, I was one of a handful of poets that featured in an article over on Dazed about the yearbook and where poetry is going in 2018. You can find the article here


Well then, 2018 eh? Time for new things to begin, time for older things to grow. This is one of those new things. It's exciting and it's a tad nerve-wracking to be launching my website but organisation is key more than ever in this day and age. So what's going to be on here? The latest news, the latest content, blog posts (like this one) and maybe the occasional review as the months and years roll on. There's details for upcoming performances and workshops from now up until March in the tabs above as well as links to Youtube, Facebook etc Whats to come? Oh there's very special things to come. Things that are twitching at the curtains but that will revealed in due time. So again, welco

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