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Slam, Salford And The Sea

That was the week that was. A busy one, a mentally healthy one, a joyous one.

Saturday 12th was The Northern Slamhouse as part of the debut weekend for Words In The City (Leeds edition). Now cards on the table, I'm always a tad apprehensive when it comes to poetry slams. Not for the format, more because I feel a bulk of my writing isn't 'slam' material. However, I do tip my hat to those that absolutely smash it out of the park at poetry slams and hey, I might develop something more slam-y over the summer.

From there it was over to Salford for Evidently. What a pleasure it was, to be in the home of punk poetry. The Eagle Inn is a cracking venue (it has a freakin' balcony!). The audience were fantastic and Kieren and Ella are excellent hosts.

Three days later and it was Hull for Away With Words. Again it was a belter of a night and one I'd wanted to do for a while. Jim Higo is a fantastic host and it was heart warming to see that he provides an encouraging open mic section.

It goes without saying that BOTH of these poetry nights are worth getting to when you can!

From here, it's now looking ahead to Long Division and then The Great Gig Together...

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