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It's Going To Be A Long Week

and please don't take that title as a negative,

We are officially in Long Division Week, so what better time to do a quick round up of what's going off?

Let's start with the performance video that was shot in partnership between Long Division, Wakefield Arts Partnership and Skysail Studios. It's an exclusive video of I Saw, I See that was shot on location at the National Coal Mining Museum (if you've never been, get there! it's their 30th birthday this year) and you can find it in the link here:

Thursday will see me around a piano with Ric Neale, Rob Reed and Sharena Lee Satti. From the titbits that Ric has given me, we'll be performing poetry as Ric plays completely improvised music alongside us. This could be a disaster, a triumph or somewhere in between. More details can be found over on the Upcoming Appearances page.

Then it's the big one on Saturday! the official day of the festival and the spoken word stage at Neon Workshops. I don't really need to go through absolutely every detail, but please do look through the Long Division tag on here to get up to speed (as well as the link on the Upcoming Appearances page)

I can't express how excited I am for this week, I look forward to seeing some of you here and there!

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