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Wakefield Standing United

As many of you know, I'm strongly against racism, facism, homophobia and any other form of discrimination and hate speech. This coming Saturday (7/7) will see the National Front (Yup, they're still a thing) marching through the streets of my proudly multi-cultural city. 

To them, we are saying no, do not expect to come here with open arms waiting. Instead, you can expect to see us standing united against everything that the NF stand for. There will be music, poetry (from myself and some of  the Truth Be Told family), speakers and a HELL of a lot of noise. 

In 2018, we are unfortunately seeing a slow, attempted rise in far-right politics and ideas, preying on those that are lost and looking for somewhere and someone to blame. Please, please join us on Saturday as we stand in solidarity against this rhetoric and show there is still hope and light in these times.

For more information please see the link below:

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