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Sabrina Benaim - The Wardrobe, Leeds

It's a surprisingly sunny morning (well until the trilogy of beasts from the east allegedly concludes this weekend) and I'm sat with Depression & Other Magic Tricks in my lap.

Last night, was just, surreal/life changing/something different. 

The Wardrobe is beautiful venue but the crowd was even more so. 

I'm eternally grateful for everyone that listened to, laughed along to and agreed with the poems in the set and for those that came to say hi afterwards. 

You probably don't need me to tell you this, but Sabrina is one of the most genuine and invested poets I've ever seen and worked with. She spoke to and listened to every one of her fans that had THEIR story of how her work had changed their lives, helped them cope with mental health issues or just how much they enjoyed her work (and of course, you don't need me to tell you how powerful and honest her poetry is)

Again, thank you everyone that came to see open, thank you for being ace, thank you for saying hi, thank you to Sabrina and her team for giving me the opportunity and amazing memories!

Go enjoy your Easter Weekend!

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