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Change Project - Fieldlane School

Late last year, I was approached by the Change Project to be part of their 2019/20 year as the first poet on board.

The project aims to teach STEM science through various art forms.

My first school visit was last week with Year 4 at Fieldlane School in Batley with a topic of 'Lights & Shadows'. How did myself and my Cummins Buddy approach this? Through vast amounts of of interactive, fun experiments involving properties of surfaces, shadows and primary and secondary light sources. All through these experiments, we reinforced key words and built a word bank as a class.

From here, I lead the students through structure and techniques so that could build four group poems, which will then be built into a class poem for Batley Art Gallery. Furthermore I also lead a performance workshop with the students to help reinforce confidence and public speaking.

On the last day, we had a group of parents join us for a very special workshop. Myself and Havovy presented a cut down version of the week, allowing the students to demonstrate everything they had learnt through the week.

I'm immensely proud of everything the students achieved over the week, and I'm grateful for how welcoming and open the school was.

One class down, two more to go...

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