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Mentally Prepare Yourself, Before Stained And Audience Meet

It's a mild Thursday. In four days I'll be on stage launching Stained (Yeah I sound like a broken record at this point but I'm BLOODY EXCITED!).

The rehearsals have continued to go well, the props have been made, the costume has come together (Phil, thank you so much if you're reading this!), the sound track is together and as for me?

I'm nervous, excited, worried, level-headed and everything else in-between.

Seeing that other shows have at the Fringe have sold out, and the amazing reviews that have been coming in has really got me laser focused on making sure Stained is the best it can be.

I've spoken a bit about it before on social media and on here, but I'm so proud of this show and I'm so thankful to Greater Manchester Fringe for this opportunity and to Ben Moor for everything new I've learnt over the last few months. In turn, I hope that everyone that comes enjoys it.

If you still need to grab a ticket, then you can do here, There's only a few left, mind!

See you soon, Manchester!

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