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March-ing On

March, March, March

It's been a funny little month, but a great one none the less. First let's talk about performance things, then on to Stained.

The start of the month saw the first Forgotten Women Of Wakefield mini-festival, for which myself and Gen Walsh were the Poets In Poll Booths for the day. I really enjoy doing flash poetry for people, the spontaneity of it all. Plus it's a really good writing exorcise, gets the brain cells ticking.

From there it was the first We Shall Overcome of the year over in Outwood, another brilliant night where not only did I get to see the legend that is Joe Solo again after way too long, but I also premiered material from Stained which went better than I expected. It's always nerve wracking testing out new material, especially when it's still being written and re-written.

So speaking of Stained, the first draft was completed at the start of the month and the second draft is underway. I can't wait for you to meet Johnny Deighton and to hear his story. Yesterday, we shot some promotional video for it so keep your eyes peeled for that (either here or on Greater Manchester Fringe social media). Also, I've been to visit the venue where Stained will premier and it's bloody gorgeous.

From here there's 0161 Festival and Manchester Punk Festival to look forward to, and there might be a few surprise pop-ups coming up as well...Oh and there's the next instalment of On The Edge to come in the Spring!

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