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I Meet You At The Cemetery Gates

At the end of Summer last year, I came across an application for The Hive at Greater Manchester Fringe. Last Wednesday I went to the shortlist night to audition for the final place. On Monday, I received an email telling me I was through.

This still hasn't sunk in.

Over the next six months I will be working alongside Greater Manchester Fringe and a fantastic Mentor to bring my debut spoken word show to life. I want to be pushing myself further as an artist and absolutely can't wait to share this show with you all. As a tease, the provisional title is 'Stained'.

I want to pay tribute though, to all the other poets who performed that night and the groups of comedians and stage-writers who battled it in their respective categories. The UK arts scene is truly alive with creativity!!

(\Also as really quick side note, there is an incoming update to the first handful of gig dates for this year, keep your eyes peeled!)

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