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Reasons To Shout

Well now, thank you for bearing with for a couple of weeks. I'm here now so let's get down to business.

As you might have guessed from the title I have some good news I wanted to share with all you wonderful people. There's three (technically four) things on this list but in no particular order.

1) I collaborated with Shout Louder Zine to write a guest article. This focuses on the relationship between the punk and poetry scenes, and how we can both come together in the theses hard times. Whilst you're there, do give the rest of the zine a look as the team there are wonderful humans!

2) Anger Is An Energy was a smashing success at Roundhay & Oakwood Festival. Thank you again to the participants for attending and for opening yourselves up, you all produced amazing work that afternoon. Thank you to the festival director as well for not only giving the workshop a platform, but for the testimonial (which you can read on the Poetry Workshops page)

3) The reviews for Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober keep coming in to Amazon, and it warms my heart to say it holds a solid 5-star review! If you wish to purchase a copy, you can do so either through myself at shows or direct from Plastic Brain Press.

4) Speaking of SADTWS, I've recently had news that copies have been sold in Europe! Thank you mystery European readers, whomever you are!

There we go, some small updates as Autumn wraps us in jumpers and leaves. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events as there's news to be announced soon. Until then, I can't wait to see you out there!

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