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Speechless Therapy


From the second I started walking up to The Chameleon I could feel something special in the air. The City is beautiful, a strong multicultural community with a strong sense of compassion for those in a less fortunate position.

This continued inside the moment Miggy took to the stage to begin conducting the evenings proceedings. Again the word 'community' rang strong throughout Speech Therapy  (as I'm sure it always does) from the declaration no one is turned away if they can't make a donation to the evening to the genuine support for all the open Mic performers.

Speaking of the open Mic, god damn it Nottingham you have an AMAZING well of  talent. I was utterly knocked for six by the words being shared by the first timers (please, please keep your work up!!).

I was utterly humbled by the love and energy in the room during my set. I'm still processing it all.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and for buying copies of Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober  (if you didn't manage to grab one, head over to and of course a massive thanks to the tireless efforts of Miggy Angel for asking me down (especially with it being Nottingham Poetry Festival) and running one hell of a night (you fucker 😜)

I will be back!

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