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Stop! Wait A Minute Mr UPS Man, Waaaaaaait Mr UPS Man

This afternoon a rather splendid package arrived. A package containing the first shipment of Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober.

They're here, They're a thing, They're really real.

"Where can I lay my hands on a copy as soon as possible?!" I hear you cry?

The launch night is set for April 13th in Lincoln at Plastic Brain Press Presents: Crash Course In Brain Surgery  (details over on the Upcoming Appearances page)

but that's just the start, I'll be having a launch party in Wakefield on April 17th with support from Geneviève l. Walsh (who has also written a heart warming forward in the collection), Steve Williams  (an intricate weaver of poetry and author of Heartsnare) and Rob Reed (a man capable of blending cracker dry puns with the warmth of a sincere heart). There will be an update as soon as possible regarding this event so watch for the announcment here!

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