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The Horror?

A couple of months ago I should have talking about how the homecoming performance of Stained had gone. Instead we're in the strangest of times that no-one could have expected.

But I'm not writing this to dwell on that.

Over the past few weeks I've been tweaking and adding to the new collection that should be out later this year (October all been well). But I've taken time to record a couple for Youtube, just to put something different out there.

The first is a poetic tribute to bands like The Misfits and The Cramps, and all that good horror punk vibe. At The Midnight Hop is cheesy, campy and gory, and salutes that sweet psychobilly atheistic.

The second is more serious. Yesterday was Hexennacht, a day to remember all the victims of witch hunts and pseudoscience. The day sparked the poem A Family Of Strangers. A tribute to all those victims and to those fighting on for justice.

In these uncertain and scary times I urge you all to please listen to science and reason, don't be pulled into conspiracy and fear.

Stay safe everyone.

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