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A Haunted Summer Of Self-Care

Well now, I didn't realise that I hadn't posted a blog since July. Thank you for bearing with me everyone!

As you'll remember, Stained had its debut run at Greater Manchester Fringe and I've spent the last few months organising and hustling dates for 2020 so that Stained can reach a nationwide audience. A few things to still confirm here and there but rest assured, you'll soon see the results.

Over the Summer, I decided to take some time for me and my loved ones. I took the time to rest and reflect on everything I achieved over the first several months in realising Stained. I'm proud of that work and no-one can take that away from me.

But admittedly I found myself in a bit of a funk and wasn't sure where to take things creatively, I was burnt out but couldn't rest.

Until one Summer night when we were sat watching the original Poltergeist and something started to stir. I hadn't seen the film before (I know, shocking!) but Carolanne was excited to show me and it's one of the few movies with her name in there (though spelt ever so slightly differently). I sat on my thoughts for a couple of nights and started to draft out something new, but something that I was feeling excited to write about. That lead to the creation of Baby, Be My Poltergeist.

I posted this to my Youtube and Instagram account on National Poetry Day, a little bit last minute but I wanted to get it out in the world. The response has been extremely positive and thank you to everyone that has watched and shared the video.

I'm feeling good about the future, I think this has spurred something so let's see where it goes!

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