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A Drunk Text Hangover

Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober is a year old. A year old and a hell of a year at that.

First things first, I want to send massive love and gratitude to Richard Daniels and Mel Clark at Plastic Brain Press for giving me a home. They have some amazing projects lined up for this year (which you'll see in good time), it's like been on Lookout! Records and Eyeball Records at the same time! Give the site a look at

A year on and where are we now? Well, it's still a surreal feeling when I look at a physical copy. The book has taken me to some amazing places and it's also been read across the world (Yup America and Europe) so to everyone that have bought and read it, thank you so, so much.

The biggest takeaway, and the best advice I can give is to not give up chasing that dream. I knew I wanted to have something physical early on in my career and it came at the right time with the most amazing family.

So obviously, a shameless plug: If you would like a copy, then you can purchase a copy from the Plastic Brain Press website, or from myself at the upcoming shows at Manchester Punk Festival and 0161 Festival.

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