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Let's Start To End January Right

It might appear that I've been on the quite side in terms of personal news through the start of January. Please trust me when I say that there is some truly amazing news that will be coming out over the next few weeks that I can't wait to share with each and every one of you! Until then, what's coming up immediately I hear you ask?


Sunday sees my first workshop of 2018 taking place at Dream Time Creative Studios in Wakefield with a fantastic range of voices from near and far.


Monday then sees me hopping over to Huddersfield to do a set at the first Queenie's Coffee House Night of the year. I'll be sharing the stage with the Hull maverick Jim Higo and an outstanding open mic session. (further details can be found on the Upcoming Appearances page)

From there I'll be rolling on to the Pack Up Poetry workshops but we'll talk about those nearer the time.

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